Thursday, December 11, 2008

it's been awhile, folks.

Hello friends!  I just got back from four glorious days in New York with some good college friends.  It was days of eating good food and feeling just fine about it because we walked everywhere.  Definitely got in those 10,000 steps!  

I promise you a good recipe coming right up.  I was inspired by a few things I saw on my flight (six hours with directTV = a lot of the Food Network), so I am going to experiment tomorrow.  I'll letchya know how it goes.  In the mean time, hope you all are enjoying the wonder of the season!  Peace.


Anna. xo. said...

Hello from SITs. Glad you had a nice, healthy time in NY!

Anonymous said...

Linkin over from SITS! I love your blog! We could all live a little healthier!

Ann said...

I hope you had a great time in NY. It is time for me to visit again, real soon.

(Found you on SITS :) I'm having a give-a-way, check it out if you have a minute.

Have a great weekend!