Monday, April 6, 2009

healthy hobbies

Spring is here. Finally. We have had consistent sunshine for three whole days here in the northwest - is that a record for April? And for those three days, I have been to the nursery, prepping my garden, and getting my containers ready.

I have never ever been into gardening. I definitely wouldn't say I have a green thumb. But last year I decided to try my hand at a few flowers, some herbs and a tomato plant. I was pretty successful.  I give some of the credit to a book I picked up, You Grow Girl, which is also an extensive gardening blog. Totally inspirational!

This year I am stepping it up a notch: strawberries, beets, zucchini and carrots. We'll see what happens!  I'll try to keep you updated - maybe I'll even incorporate some of my goods into some recipes.

Being healthy extends beyond diet and exercise. How do you unwind? Express creativity?Get involved in the world around you? Are you a knitter? A seamstress? A cook or a baker? Do you teach classes, volunteer, try to learn something new on a regular basis? I want to hear from you and what keeps you going.

And if you want a little more gardening inspiration, you can also check out the Pioneer Woman... she is good at giving you the lowdown on the basics. Growing stuff is easy - and it's so fun to watch it happen!

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thamesarino said...

I LOVE to garden. We are in our second year here at this house adjusting to having lots of trees...good for shade..bad for gardening... we hope to have a better one this year with what we learned... here's hoping! : )
good luck with your carrots and squash... we 're doing squash this year as well!