Tuesday, March 15, 2011

gettin' on my soapbox

I am about to get all judgy and controversial. Maybe you won't like me anymore. This is definitely a hot button issue in some circles, so I understand if you disagree. But, here goes.

Preschool snacks.

I remember a conversation I had with a friend of mine before I had kids. She was upset over what her kids were being fed at school, and I kind of got it, but not really. But now I have a preschooler of my own and I totally get it. We are not crazy health nuts, trust me. We are a family of donut lovers and coffee drinkers (well, not the kids - they need no help in that department). In general, though, I try to make sure everyone gets a well-balanced diet consisting of lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and protein. When the little guy started preschool this year we got a handout explaining the rules of snack - no peanuts and generally healthy. 

"So buddy, what did you have for snack today?"
"Ooooh, it was good, Mama! Chocolate milk and chocolate pudding!"
"Uhhhh, that's it?"
"Oh, and some grapes."

Really, people? Chocolate milk AND chocolate pudding? At 10am? Really?

Those things aren't necessarily bad, but I mean, come on. Let's pace ourselves. And also, I have to deal with that sugar rush right before nap time. Geez.

Anyway, it's our snack week. I did send grapes and juice, even though my kids really never drink juice. It's a treat and it's fun to take something you like to school. I also made breakfast cookies, and I am going to share that recipe one more time, because kids do not even know it's healthy, and I did want my little man to be kind of excited about announcing his snack. 

So here it is!

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Laura said...

Stopping by from SITS. Snacks are so hard for kids. Maybe every parent wants their kids to take something fun and aren't thinking that the others are doing the same thing?