Tuesday, January 11, 2011


2010 was not my healthiest year. It was a year of indulgence, actually. I cooked with a lot more butter, said yes to a lot more donuts, enjoyed a few extra mochas. I am not against any of those things... in moderation. But the problem was that instead of losing those last few pounds of baby weight, I gained eight of them back. Turning it from baby weight into regular old butter weight. And despite the fact that I was nursing my little guy up to five times a day, those pounds still snuck up on me. As the holidays approached, I thought to myself: you have two choices. You can gain another seven pounds (the average for most people from Thanksgiving to New Years), or you can kick these pounds to the curb.

So I did. I counted my calories and exercised, and now six weeks later I am ten pounds lighter. I am totally against calorie obsession, but I needed to reprogram my brain to what is normal and what my daily intake should look like. 

So, I am going to hop back on this blog and hopefully keep myself accountable. I am not saying a final goodbye to butter or donuts or mochas, but I am most definitely going to keep my relationship with those dudes a little more casual. 

Here is to a healthy 2011!

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thrasherswife said...

I'm not a calorie counter either, but i do find that once i start indulging a little too much, it's hard to reel it in. I have a few I've put on that I need to take off, exercise is what I'm missing, and what I'm trying to add back in. Looking forward to your future posts!!