Tuesday, November 25, 2008

holiday mind games

I read a disturbing fact the other day.  On average, we consume an average of 619 extra calories per day between Thanksgiving and New Years.  Yep, that's about seven pounds when it's all said and done. Yowsas.

On a more positive note, I read an article this summer that helped give me a better outlook on how much we eat.  Whenever the author was in front of something she really liked, like brownies, she always (as I do because I am normal) wanted to eat as much as she could.  Then one day she realized it wasn't the last brownie she was ever going to eat (or cookie or chip or slice of pie or beer or...).  That thought made it much easier for her to eat one brownie rather than four (or eight, whatever).  Her thought made so much sense!  

I don't have a lot of willpower.  But from that perspective, it has been a lot easier to have a small portion of whatever it is that is being served.  Studies are starting to show that you can actually train yourself to have willpower by making small daily choices in the right direction.  No better time to put that into practice than this week.  We are about to enter into a world of temptation!

I really believe in moderation.  No, fudge isn't good for you.  But oh man, it sure is good.  And stuffing?  It's not a holiday without it.  So don't deny yourself the pleasure of good food, just remember it's probably not the last time you're going to eat it.  What other tricks can you try to limit the high calorie intake?
  • drink a lot of water.  At least one glass between other beverages, and one full glass before you start snacking.
  • don't be afraid to load up on raw vegetables at the appetizer table.  (but watch the dip)
  • take a walk during halftime (or during the game if you are as bored by it as I can be)
  • grab a seat as far from the snacks as possible
And if all else fails, just get in a good workout (speed shopping, anyone?) on Friday.  

Got any tips or tricks up your sleeve?  Share them!


Jeri said...

That is something that I've used--just reminding myself that it's not the last brownie in the world, or the last time I'll ever see stuffing. 'Course, that didn't stop me from stuffing myself sick yesterday...but I only had one little helping of everything...salad, veg, sweet potato, mashed potato, turkey, stuffing, gravy, two little pieces of pie...I didn't even try my own cranberry sauce! The sheer bounty is just more than my tummy can handle, but OH how I wished I could eat more!

ChristineM said...

One thing that helped me this year was that we had our "main" Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's house. I brought desserts - chocolate cake, cheesecake, two pudding pies - and LEFT THEM THERE! I did make one pudding pie for us, but since I'm not so crazy about them I'm not eating them. You can bet your bottom dollar that if there was a cheesecake in my house I'd be grabbing a bite here and there...